Thursday, July 03, 2008

An Update from Vancouver

A belated Happy Birthday, Canada.

While we are here in Vancouver, Sandy has been proofreading the blog and I've made a few corrections to errors caught by her keen eye.

One thing that was brought to my attention is that, for people using Internet Explorer, some posts have had random HTML characters embedded in them. These did not show up in the Firefox browser I use. They resulted from writing posts in MS Word when I did not have access to the Internet and then cutting and pasting them into Blogger. It seems Word, as usual, does much more than I wanted. Now I type in straight text if off-line. I've cleaned up June so far, as best I can.

We got the 802.11G card for the notebook and have it up and running, so I should now have more WiFi speed and range and, if anyone like Recreational Springs has a G only router, I won't have a problem any more.

I'll post more later about our stay in Vancouver which has, so far, been very relaxing.

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