Thursday, July 17, 2008

OTI Thursday

The Lucky Dragon Chinese Buffet

Shortly after we arrived at Captain John's, the word came down that it was time to leave for the Lucky Dragon Chinese Buffet. We had some discussion about who knew where the place was when Tony D. jumped on his 800 and said to follow him. Amazingly, or possibly luckily, he knew the way.

On the way out we met Sherm, who turned to follow us. Soon after, we met Don and Howie finally arriving. They didn't follow us. Before long, the fairly large group of bikes was finding parking spaces in front of the Lucky Dragon. I knew where it was after all. I just didn't know that I knew.

Here are a few VROCers observed at the buffet:

Lanny (Biglefti), his grandaughter Patience and Tony D.

John H, E-Bob and Josh

Melanie, Jamey T and Sandy

Rick (Prowler), Tom and Denise
(a penny for Rick's thoughts)

White Eagle aka Peabody aka Mark (doing something best not disclosed) and Maccs

Lovebirds Cat and Jim

More lovebirds Howard and Linda

These are not lovebirds - Greg and Allan from Alberta

Lisa and Gone Mad Mike from Alberta

Slammer and Nickels discussing the finer points of buffet

We celebrated a four way birthday at the Dragon. Sandy, Linda, Cat and Denise all got the song sung to them and a large cake was cut and eaten in their honour.

After dinner, we adjourned to the parking lot. It was cool and Sandy went back to the hotel in the Kia with Pat. Those of us who stayed had the choice of helping Flying (Flaming) Willy with a less than perfect tire valve stem or Buzz with a ten year old battery that went on strike. I used the Wing to boost Buzz with cables provided by Cat after push starting (it was carbureted) didn't work.

We rode back to Captain John's and then wandered across the road to the Beach House and bonfire for some socializing before turning in for the night about 11:00 PM.

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