Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip Summary - June 11, 2008 to July 23, 2008

At the end of six weeks on the road, we were ready to come home for a while.

We owe thanks to people who contributed greatly to our enjoyment of this trip.

Sherm: Thanks for so very much. For sharing accommodation with us at Topaz, Aztec and points in between. For changing the brake pads and oil on Pogo. For taking me to work out in the pool with Ace, George, Bill and the gang. For setting up the rides and the other things you did for the OTI. For the coffee pot. Anytime, anywhere, we aren't tired of sharing the road with you yet.

Pat: Thanks for putting us up, feeding us and letting Sherm ride around the country with us.

Malcolm: Thanks for letting us take the week off in beautiful West Vancouver, feeding us and helping with the hardware. Sorry we missed Jan. Next time.

VSP: Thanks for opening your house to us, setting up the Sandy Robinson Ride, taking us on the train to San Francisco, showing us Shelter Cove and The Tides and introducing us to Basque home style cooking. And thanks, along with Howard and Linda, for organizing HSVROC one more time. I'll get that Marriott number for next time I'll be in town:-))

Leona: Don, tell your Mom thanks for L&L, the teabag device and for just being her. She's an inspiration to both of us.

Malachi and Yvette: Thanks for putting us up for the night and feeding us so well. We enjoy your company and wish we could do it more often. Say Hi to the dogs and gravity defying cat.

Scorp~ and Mary: Thanks for the accommodations and the fine dinner. The tour of the area was excellent.

Jest and Colleen: Thanks for opening your beautiful home and hosting the gathering that let us get to know more VROCers. The pool was excellent. Hi to Lauren.

Fly: Thanks for the work on the Great Midwest River Run and thanks to your crew (Wrong Turn, Deerslayer and others) for preparing the dinner.

Jamey and Melanie: Thanks for organizing Aztec. It's great to ride the Black Hills with friends.

Rubbergator, GypsyCat, Laura and crew: We really appreciated the OTI. Thanks for all that you did to make it happen.

DD & Pebbles: Thanks for letting us share your special day.

It was a great trip but a tad longer than was right for us. We're going to take it a bit easer in August and September, but you will still see us here and there.

Trip Statistics

Direct route miles - 9,554
Total miles including side trips - 11,533
Total fuel - 278.8 US Gallons
Overall average MPG(US) - 41.37
Total kilometers on bike at end of trip - 158,367 (98,409 miles)

Trip Map

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Hey, Jim: Like your map. Next step is to make it interactive (grin)