Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Loss of a Fine Motorcycle

Blondy posted this on the VROC board tonight:

As you can see by the pictures below I will NOT be arriving at the Rally on the Nomad. About 11am and 52 miles from home I stopped to get gas (wasn't full when I started). Got gas, went inside to pee, get a drink, check cell phone and blackberry. Inside about 10-15 minutes. Came back out, cranked up and smoke starting coming out from under the gas tank and speedometer. Turned off bike, got off and found antifreeze leaking out under the bike too. Call my bike shop, just up the road "luckily" and got them on the phone while I went back into convenience store to get them to call the fire dept. In about five minute it will pretty engulfed as you can see by the pic and then there is the after picture. At home, talk to insurance, bike getting picked up by bike shop and stuff loaded in car and I'm outta here AGAIN!!!!!!!!

This was a fine green/green Nomad (the best colour). We'll miss it and we wish Donna the best of luck in getting back on two wheels as soon as possible.

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