Thursday, June 11, 2009

WWR Day 1

We got checked into the hotel and Sandy, Heather and Tom went up to the room. I got distracted by a steady stream of people either wandering by or arriving in the rain and was somewhat slow getting gear unloaded and moved upstairs.

We finally got settled, changed and moved out to the back parking lot. If there is a heaven, it has to be like this. Tonight's crown was the best geographic distribution of VROCers I have seen since V2K in Colorado in 2000 or, maybe, the first Worldwide Reunion in Eureka Spring, Arkansas. It was like out newsgroup had come to life.

Around 6:00, about 20 of us walked across the street to Hooters. We took over the patio and they managed to get us fed successfully. Then it was back to the hotel lot to visit, with people fading out gradually until there were only a handful left at 2:00 AM when I called it a night (or morning, as the case may be).

Photos of WWR

Joker and 57 Dave

Utemike, with Billy G and Biker meeting in the background

The crowd at Hooters

Trucker with U-Turn hamming it up in the background

CC Rider and Jamey T

Kevin and Steph

Evil, Rabbi and U-turn just ain't right

The Best Western Back Lot

And Again

Biker and Stewey

Linda sells Heather and Tom raffle tickets

1 comment:

DougD said...

Hey kids hope the weather treats you well you behave and that we get to ride again this summer.
Possibly another game of cards, steak and liquid refreshments when the bikes are parked.
Glad to see Heather has picked up her dads riding skills and her moms common sence.
Be safe