Monday, June 22, 2009

Pembroke Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

We didn't rush getting started this morning. Sandy and I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant using the two $5.00 off certificates we got when we checked it. Then we loaded up in what was going to be a very warm and sunny day and the three of us headed for home.

Highway 17 to Mattawa was in pretty rough shape. There were also stretches where we were down to a single lane due to roadwork. Much of the construction seemed to be related to widening the right-of-way and I have to wonder why this higher cost and slower work is being done instead of simple resurfacing. Personally, I would favour the faster and lower cost solution.

Between Mattawa and North Bay, there were six different OPP cruisers. It looks like some kind of blitz was on but they didn't seem to have a problem with our 100 KPH pace even though it was 20 KPH over the limit. We noticed gas at Bonfield and again in Wahnapitae was $1.02/liter compared to $0.95 in Pembroke. Once again Northern Ontario appears to be getting hosed.

We arrived home at 1:00 PM to a nicely mowed lawn thanks to our friend Leo. Many thanks, Leo. Now we have a couple of weeks before our ride to North Carolina with Ron, Laurie, Brad and Judy.

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