Monday, June 08, 2009

One Day To Go

Tomorrow morning, we'll be on our way. This will be the first time out of the province in our reduced travel season. True to form, the idiot weatherman is calling for rain all day tomorrow up here. Our only hope is that IW's accuracy rate this year has been abysmal.

The computer is fixed but there is still a long list of chores that need to get done before tomorrow.

We had one minor setback yesterday. Four years ago, when we bought the HJC CL-33 helmets, I ordered replacement face shields. These have sat in the box waiting for the day that the original shields were too scuffed and marked up to be good anymore. That day has arrived. Sandy dug out the shields. And they were the wrong ones. These fit a full face helmet. I should have tried them when I first got them. My bad. After looking at various supplier who show the wrong shield in photos, I checked the HJC site and got the proper part number. Now we'll see if we can find one on our travels.

I mowed the lawns (three of them) last night and Leo has agreed to keep an eye on them while we're gone. Today, I need to get cash, do the Freedom Riders books as well as my own, call R&L to order a front tire, get sized for my October tuxedo and burn some music. Oh yeah, and pack and check the bike over.

So, as I said, tomorrow morning, we'll be on our way. The day's objective is to Waterloo. Wednesday, we'll leave with Heather and Tom for the VROC Here To Kingdom Come Rally in Richmond Kentucky. This is the current iteration of our annual Wolfman's Wandering Rally, organized by Tom Miller. People have been hitting the road from across North America all week. Stewey is even there already. It will be great to see old friends (including those we haven't met before) and to share it with our daughter and her fiance. We'll take the ride down fairly easy until the novices develop some butt callouses.

We'll leave Kentucky Sunday and ride back to Buffalo with Heather and Tom. They will head for home while we will continue on to the NEVROC Laconia gathering in New Hampshire the next weekend. Plan is to be home on the 22nd and take the bike in for its 50K major service on the 24th. All things being right, we'll be back on the road for that weekend.

So stay tuned. There will be some travels to document very shortly.

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