Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NEVROC Laconia Day 0

After we got the gear moved in, the three of us went over to the Epsom traffic circle and had lunch at the Circle Restaurant. Then we rode up to the Lazy River campground to see who was there. A few were in including Sylvie and Homer from Quebec inn their new RV.

On the way back, we rode to the Hess in Chichester and picked up some snacks, beer and hard lemonade. This was taken back to the room where we kicked back for a while before turning in.

Sandy and Brad check out something Karen is holding

Ol' Phart Joe, perpetual NEVROC organizer

Brother Bear (Ron) and his 800 project bike

All VROC plates (check the bars on the NH plates)

So the bike is a BMW:-)

Northwood Motel (A) to Kaw Pasture at Lazy River Campground (B)

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