Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Craig Scott

We received word a couple of days ago that Craig Scott, a longstanding VROCer from Edmonton, Alberta, crashed his rented BMW in a canyon while on his way to return it in Salt Lake City prior to returning home.  He was coming from the Utah VROC Rally that took place in Kanab the same weekend as SEVROC.

The wreck was harrowing and the fact Craig was even found in time was due to blind luck or divine intervention.  He has suffered spinal injuries and was in surgery for a long time.  Although he is now out of danger, his prognosis with respect to regaining use of his lower body is in question.

Craig posted on the VROC newsgroup not long after the surgery showing indomitable courage and strength in the face of severe hardship. One thing he said the doctors ordered was to try to wiggle his toes.  If there was a possibility of re-establishing connections through the damaged spinal cord, this would help.  All VROC are now wiggling our toes and sending those thoughts to Craig.  I don't know if it will help but it certainly won't hurt.

Sherm put together a collection of Craig Scott photos.  You can see he is quite the character. Our thoughts are with him.

((ooooO))  ((Ooooo))  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

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