Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maggie Valley - SEVROC Sunday Morning

The final morning arrived bright and clear.  We weren't in a rush so, after stowing the inside gear, we wandered around saying goodbyes to those who hadn't already left.

Badger and Mikey




'Jimmy Wrong Turn' and Red Rover



A group of us went down to Country Vittles for a goodbye breakfast.  Sandy made up a meal out of sides that cost less than ordering a regular menu selection.  The mood was cheerful because we know that we will all be doing this again somewhere down the road.  After eating, Sandy and I walked back up to the Applecover.

My Country Vittles breakfast

Sandy ordered sides only

What's up with all the Harley signs

Stewey's SEVROC Photos

It took a while to track Derrick down and settle the bill.  It was an excellent rally.  Many thanks to Jax, Gale and all the volunteers that worked to make it happen.  Special thanks to Derrick and Amy of the Applecover Inn for giving us a home for yet another gathering.  And thanks to all the VROC brothers and sisters for coming.

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