Monday, May 07, 2012

D-Day Minus 1

OK, we are finally here.  Tomorrow we go.  I hope.........

First task this morning, I checked the tire pressures and installed the pressure sensors for the monitoring system. The air pressures were still good.but I found the left front wheel cover wasn't seated on the rim.

Right after, I called Don's RV about the fridge and they said to bring the motorhome in.  Then I called Larry's Service Centre about the loose trailer wheel bearing.  They also said to bring it right in.  Both places are at the other end of Lasalle Blvd. but they are close together.  I hooked the trailer to the van and Sandy drove, a first for her towing this unit.  I followed in the RV to Don's where we left the motorhome and then continued to Larry's.  The trailer bearing was no big deal.  It just needed tightening but I didn't know how to get to the axle nut because it was a Dexter hub.  Now I know.

We took the trailer home and set out on a second round of errands.  Deposit Freedom Riders cash at the bank and then on to the optometrist to get my glasses fixed before I grabbed a Subway breakfast sandwich.  I don't have breakfast there often and I really think that has been a mistake on my part.  It is good food.  I called Don's and Andrew told me the fridge controller board was burnt.  They had one in stock and were installing it. Give them another hour.

With time to kill, we went home and I fired up the lawnmower for the first time this season.  Then I cut the dandelions in our yard and the neighbor's.  It has been really ugly here since the the government prohibited some of our favourite weed killers.

Lawn mowed, we headed back over to Don's to get the motorhome. When Andrew said the board burned, he wasn't kidding.  One side was scorched.  I guess we are lucky the whole RV didn't catch fire.  So we now have new fridge guts and, hopefully, they will last a long time.

Sandy took the van home while I stopped at Cambrian Ford to get the wheel cover installed right.  Then I came home and filled the water tank.  When I turned on the pump, it kept running without any water pressure at the faucet.  I called Andrew and he reminded me it was filling up the six gallon water heater tank.  Silly me, i forgot that.  I hooked up to city water to finish the job quicker.

So the motorhome is ready to go.  The trailer is ready to go.  The motorcycle is ready to go.  The only task in the morning is to put them all together.  And we'll be gone.  Finally.

Sandy's computer continues to act up and her brother Mal worked on it again today.  Still not fixed.  Maybe we will find a nice new Windows 7 machine somewhere in our travels.  Or maybe, given the way she uses it, and iPad or something.  I know nothing about pads and tablets but feel I am going to have to learn soon.

Freedom Rider and VROC bro Biker said to stop by on the way out and he'll give me a Passport hard drive full of music to replace the MP3's I blew away yesterday in a fit of stupidity.  he said he would add some movies and other stuff as well.  That kindness will keep me entertained for many evenings on the trip.

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Heather G said...

Just an FYI - my boss loves his IPhone and IPad. For mom, a tablet might be the way to go.