Sunday, May 06, 2012

D-Day Minus 2 Again

No you are not experiencing a case of Deja Vu.  Yesterday was D-Day Minus 2 and so is today.  This is because Departure Day has been moved back another twenty-four hours.

I balanced and posted the Freedom Riders April financial data and we went to the meeting this morning.  Then we went for lunch at the Trevi Tavern with some of the club members. By the time we got home, it was almost NASCAR time and I was feeling beat.  Leaving a day later will let me get my glasses fixed (one of the nose pads broke off yesterday) and check into the problems with the fridge.

Sandy's brother Malcolm lives in West Vancouver and provides technical computer support to both companies and individuals.  He took control of her flaky Vista laptop remotely today and cleaned up a lot of things.  We'll see if this makes it stop freezing.  I hope so.

While this was going on, I backed my Netbook up to the external hard drive.  Then, while attempting to copy the backup drive to the secondary backup drive, I zigged when I should have zagged and accidentally erased about 15,000 mp3 song files.  And their backup.  New project is to recopy them from the original DVD files I have.  There is a moral here about either paying attention or stopping and thinking before  taking action.  I used to be better than this.

The NASCAR race sucked.  Three of my four Fantasy league drivers crashed (along with most of the rest of the field).  But it wasn't dull.

Tomorrow should be a busy day.  I plan to wake up motivated and go on from there. I had two slip days built into the schedule and I only plan to use one of them.

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