Saturday, May 05, 2012

D-Day minus 2

Today, push came to shove and I dealt with the tasks I have been putting off.

First, I climbed down into the sump out in the garage.  It is about five feet deep and fairly narrow.  I removed the pump and brought it up.  It had stopped shutting off when the water level declined and it was only dumb luck a few days ago that I caught it before the pump had burned out. We made a trip to Lowe's, got a new switch which I installed and and then I eventually climbed back down in the hole to replace and secure the pump. And I only cut one knuckle in the process.  The whole drainage situation for the house needs to be reviewed but, for now, this keeps us dry.

While in Lowe's, I looked for a large jug of Weed-B-Gone to attack my dandelions.  The 5 liter $34 bottles were sold out leaving the 2 liter $19 containers.  I didn't like the unit price so the yellow devil-weeds are safe for a bit.

The trailer bearings also got greased.  Dexter E-Z Lube hubs  make this a simple job.  Simple but messy.  Anyway, the bearings have new grease and I only pinched one finger getting the rear jack legs down.  Then I climbed the ladder to tighten the screws on the roof and re-caulk the leaking seam.  We'll see how this works the first time it rains.

We loaded a lot of gear into the motorhome.  In the course of checking things out, I found the fridge wasn't working in AC mode.  It was fine on propane (once I turned the valve on) but no 110.  There is power to the fridge plug but then the wires go inside a "technician only" box so I am at a loss.  No problem for this trip because it can run on propane the whole time, but I'll have to get it fixed when we get home.

I haven't mentioned the problems the last few days with Sandy's computer.  It had a clean install a couple of months ago but just started hanging again recently.  Microsoft Security Essentials was unable to do a major upgrade while Firefox did.  I have uninstalled and re-installed both as well as stopped it from going to sleep when unattended.  Still it freezes up.  No idea what its major malfunction is.  Time to  get Malcolm the guru involved.

The NASCAR Nationwide race from Talladega was pretty good.  Danica ran top ten a lot of the race before getting shuffled at the end.  Final turn, Hornish forced her into the wall (due to a tire going down) but she took exception and spun him on the cool down lap.  And NASCAR didn't order her to the trailer. If you want respect, once in a while you have to hit someone.

Jobs remaining include the Freedom riders books for tomorrow's meeting, the fresh water and holding tanks and the tire checks.  But we are getting close.

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