Thursday, May 03, 2012

D-Day Minus Four

It was another warm morning.  May is so much nicer than April this year.

I sorted the Email and took care of some late bills as I caught up on yesterday's outstanding TV and the morning news.  Then I updated some things on the Freedom Riders website.  But this was all housekeeping and not getting me any closer to being ready to go.

After a concerted effort, all the OPPVA AGM work was up to date in time for our 1:00 PM meeting.  Looks like things are under control.  Got home about 4:00 and tackled all my RV club membership information, vehicle records and guide books. I just realized (if I had opened my mail when it came in I would have known a long time ago) that Camp Club USA had folded its tent and transferred its members to Passport America.  That would explain the unsolicited membership card.  Looks like a win since Passport has hundreds of more participating locations and I like their website better.

I took some time and got the motorcycle started.  It fired right up and sounded good.  The tire pressures were OK and so I moved it out of its corner.  After sorting the spare parts in the Magic Trunk, I got all the regular gear stowed in the trunk, bags and pockets.  Tomorrow I'll take it for a test ride while I run some errands.

Time to knock off now and watch some Big Bang theory and see who gets kicked off American Idol this week.  We'll see if my prediction from yesterday is right.

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