Friday, May 25, 2012


I am a member of the Ontario Provincial Police Veterans' Association (OPPVA) Chapter 13. In my former capacity as a volunteer special constable with the Snowmobile Trail Officer Patrol (S.T.O.P.) Program, I worked with many officers in the old O.P.P. District 13.  In fact, chapter executive S/Sgt Ron Roy was the O.P.P. Provincial S.T.O.P. Coordinator at the time of his retirement, a position that made him my partner.

The OPPVA holds an Annual General Meeting every May.  Chapter 13 (Sudbury) hosted the AGM in 1992 and 2002 and thought that hosting it again in 2012 would be appropriate.  To this end, we formed a committee and put together a successful bid.  The committee worked on this over the last year and the event took place yesterday and today at the Holiday Inn - Sudbury.

As Treasurer of the AGM, I honored to work with some excellent people on the committee.  We planned the venue, food, entertainment, tours and a banquet in addition to the meeting itself.  The event appears to have been an unqualified success and Chapter Chair John Laforge has signed us all up to do it again in 2022:-)

Some great folks

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