Friday, May 18, 2012

Maggie Valley - SEVROC Friday

It was a nice morning.  We decided to return to Bryson City for a third straight morning.  There were other things I wanted to try on the Everett Street Diner menu.  If riding across US 19 from Maggie Valley to Bryson City for great food every day is a rut, it's a rut I'm happy to be in.

Rather than mount a whole big expedition, we just put the word out quietly.  Joining us were Willie Wonka & The Lovely Carlene, Wrong Turn & KT and Cheap B.  We left about 8:00 AM, an hour earlier than yesterday.  The ride was pleasant and a Kia Soul we caught up to on the downhill cranked it up and didn't even slow us down. Pappy, who stays in Bryson with his brother, was waiting for us when we arrived.

Wrong Turn and KT - Where is Slapout anyway?

Everett Street Diner - Bryson City NC

My biscuit combo with country ham

Cheap B's jalapeno omelet

Sandy's yogurt, granola, fruit and muffin

Wrong turn had a little biscuits and gravy with his pepper

As before, the food was excellent and the service was too. When we came out and were standing in the street, some guy on a Harley Road King pulled up and backed in next to my bike.  I noted that he was awfully close and was about to say something when he climbed off and stood there smiling at me.  It was Southern Draw, who actually lives in Bryson City. Sandy and I hadn't seen him since last summer in Deadwood.  He acquired the Harley through a series of trades but still has his very pretty Vulcan.  He would catch up with us later at the Applecover.

Southern Draw

Bad actors on Everett Street

We rode back on 19.  Pappy, Wrong Turn and KT pulled of just out of town at Pappy's brother's motel to explore a business opportunity.  I hadn't known the location before and was surprised to see it was the place a bearded man with a weed trimmer had waved at us a couple of days before.  Blondy had said on the radio at the time that the guy looked like our departed brother Snake and I agreed.  It turns out the lookalike was, in fact, Pappy's brother. Coincidences rule.

In Cherokee, the Wonkas peeled off to go and see relatives in Pigeon Forge.  That left us and CB going up the hill.  Soon, I caught a truck towing a bike followed by a local Taurus.  When we reached the first passing lane, the truck pulled over but the Taurus didn't.  It didn't pass, either.  Finally, the truck slowed but it was too late for us to get by the car.  The Wing horn is loud and I treated the driver to a good dose of it.  By the time we  got to the next passing lane, he moved over smartly.  We ran free the rest of the way with CB being polite enough to pretend he was happy with my pace.

It was nice to see still more arrivals when we got back to the motel.  Tom and Denise from Kentucky were a special surprise. It was a nice afternoon hanging out and visiting with those who hadn't gone exploring.

Talon, Blondy and Linda

Stewey and Tiny

Wild Rose and Tom

Flip explains Wings to Phillip and Badger

Sandy wore this in honour of those in Kanab Utah

Look who made a surprise appearance at SEVROC

When Willie and Carlene got back from Tennessee, they set up shop selling Piper's Patches and sewing anything on vests that needed doing.  Sandy and I had her sew on our new Freedom Riders Memorial patches.

Willie Wonka and The Lovely Carlene's patch sewing operation

Patches for sale or rent

Sherm, Derrick, Phillip and Sandy

Derrick, Blondy and Badger

Tiny wonders if Lucky Al's computer is big enough

Wompus and Tbone

Good friends Talon and Jax (Pappy  and Yummy in background)

Wanda, Cheap B and Toby

Southern Draw, Denise and Tom

Tbone and Red Rover

Jaime and Phillip

Talon, Southern Draw and Tiny

Flip explaining something to Phillip

Tom, Denise Wild Rose and Sandy

Bionic Wompus and Yummy

Yummy's baffles arrived.  They didn't fit.  He made do with a pair of Harley baffles that may, if possible, have been louder than the straight pipes.  About 6:00 PM, Blondy led a crew to Garlic Knots for supper.  We headed down about 7:00 PM with another eight people.  Unfortunately, while the place was largely empty when the first crew arrived, everyone in Maggie Valley had showed up by the time we got there.

After waiting for a while we were seated, as were four more who showed up after.  Then we waited again for our server, but it was worth it when she got there.  Funny, personable, cute and she got the orders right. Sandy and I had the beef ravioli Tbone had liked so much.  It was very tasty.

Carlene helps Willie stay within the lines while waiting at Garlic Knots

Lucky Al, Bob, TL Carlene and Willie Wonka

Southern Draw, Doc and Sandy

Tbone waits while Red Rover entertains a table of strangers

Mikey and Linda

Seen through a restaurant window

Back at the Applecover, spirits were high. The traditional ladies' tradition of going away and consuming lemon drops was in full swing.  Before the night was over, they had made five excursions and a few of the guys had flashed a nipple to gain entry.  Sandy and a few others were feeling no pain by the fifth round.

Maggie Valley night life

More night life

I had commented to Pete at the restaurant that the last two nights going to bed at 1:30 was taking a toll on me.  So tonight I stayed up with my party animal wife until 3:00 AM.  It was a view of her some had not seen before and it was sure fun to watch her be the wilder one for a change.  Shannon was flying high as well and Boomer commented that it was funny the guys were sober while the girls partied for a change.  It was even funnier when Shannon fell against Sandy who fell against Derrick and down they all went.

Much later around the fire

The late night crowd

It was a great evening.  Thanks to Derrick, Pete and others for the guitars.

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