Friday, May 04, 2012

D-Day Minus Three

I should be more excited that we will be leaving soon but I am overcome by inertia.  I'm not sure why but I have always been motivated by the last minute and that better kick in soon.  The open road isn't calling the way it should be but I expect that will change once I have Sudbury in my rear view mirror.

First thing, I dropped the OPPVA files off with Ron and Mary and then swung by Staples to ask about getting some membership cards printed for the Freedom Riders.  A pretty young lady named Jillian explained the process to me and I said I would drop back later with the artwork and directions.  Then it was off to the bank to get a bank draft for my meals at the June Laconia gathering (the cheque is in the mail, Chris) and top up the US cash before swinging back home.

The motorcycle finally got its first run of the year.  It started right up and felt very good, especially considering it has over 234,000 kilometers on it.  I rode back to Staples and put in the order for the membership cards.  Bought two 4GB SD cards for $5.00 each for alternate GPS song lists. Then I rode to Don's RV.  As soon as I parked, Freedom Riders VP Dan pulled in next to me on his Victory Vision.  Small world.  He was ordering an awning for his trailer.  I found my rubber caps for the Dexter hubs but the clothes rod holder for my closet had to be ordered.  The bike is running very well.

Because I dragged for the rest of the day, not much got done.  I still need to climb down in the sump and check the pump, seal the top of the trailer and grease the bearings, set the tire pressures and install the monitor sensors and get the water and holding tanks ready.  OK, that's not so much if I just get one of these:

I was going to take a course once on how to stop procrastinating but I never seemed to get motivated.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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