Monday, June 26, 2006

Sioux Falls South Dakota to Green Bay Wisconsin

It's a Small World After All

We were late getting away this morning since I was determined to get the last day of the Custer Reunion posted. I did, then we took time to have the Days Inn continental breakfast. We skipped the waffles after a kid at the next table screwed up the waffle making machine.

We headed east on I-90 and stopped at a rest area to drain the morning coffee. As usual, an older man wandered over and started asking questions about the bike, the trailer and our travels. As we were leaving, he wished us a good day. I thanked him and told him that with the blue skies and the wind at our back, we couldn’t do otherwise.

In the next rest area, a gentleman from Ann Arbor Michigan asked pretty much the same questions. He was traveling with his wife and mother and they were returning home. He said he had to drop his mother at her home in western Wisconsin. Where, I asked? A little town you probably never heard of, he said. Boscobel. She was very familiar with the VROC gathering there and I told her I attended every second year. The small world thing continues.

Continuing on the now mystical I-90, we slowly caught up to two bikes. The second one was a scooter with a licence plate saying VROOMM. The first one was a Vulcan ridden by a familiar person. We had caught the Batman’s. Marc ‘Batman’ Reed is a VROCer from Cedar Rapids Iowa and was returning from Custer. We waved and, as noted yesterday with Chunk, kept on at our own pace seeing them fade further and further back in our mirror until they disappeared. If we hadn’t just stopped, I would have made the coffee gestures but we were falling behind and needed to make some miles. It’s a VERY small world.

Entering Wisconsin, we stopped again at a rest area. The reason for all the rest stops was because, for some unknown reason, I was getting tired much faster than usual. Ten minutes was enough to get me perked back up but this was unusual. Maybe it was the late night at the computer or maybe I am just burning out.

We rode I-90 to the end at I-94 and cut north two exits so we could take Wisconsin 21 across to Oshkosh. This was a two-lane highway and was a relief after all the Interstate riding we had been doing. Part way along, we stopped at a gas station and had some hot dogs and coffee since I was fading out again. Refreshed, we continued on to Oshkosh and got on 41 North. This road is a multi-lane restricted access route in this part of the country and has a road surface that is rippled. Very disconcerting.

Getting off at the south side of Green Bay, we decided to try an Exel Inn. The rates are low but the room proved to be OK and, a must, they have WiFi. After getting settled, we headed next door to Denny’s for a light bite to eat. Upon our return, we found the parking lot full of eight bikes from Minnesota returning from circumnavigating Lake Superior. We chatted a bit and then adjourned to our respective rooms.

As I was Blogging, Heather called from Milwaukee. She had flown down there earlier today on business and was just checking in. She was surprised to find we were so close to her.

I called Mom to tell her to expect us tomorrow shortly after noon for coffee and Sandy called her Mom to tell her we’d be home tomorrow night. I now need to get my list of purchases together for Customs and my list of things to do once we get home so nothing gets forgotten. Today marks four weeks since we left home.

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