Thursday, June 29, 2006

Catching up

We went out this morning and bought new jeans. I tried some relaxed fit, but Sandy said they made me look like an old farmer. I said old farmers knew comfort was important, but gave in and got some straight legs. After a long time and some help from a spectacular young sales lady, we got Sandy two pairs as well. Tomorrow, we need new running shoes and I need some boots since mine have virtually disintegrated after nine years.

Sandy headed out for her doctor appointment and I took the bike for my visit to the dentist. The tooth doc was jus supposed to take a look and discuss alternatives with me since he was very busy, but he decided he would make the time to fix it. Because of my leaking heart valves, I am supposed to take antibiotics before dental work and I hadn't done so, so he gave me four capsules and had me sit in the waiting room for an hour while they took hold. Then he brought me back in and, with the help of two metal pins, reconstructed a tooth from nothing. I made two appointments for November to get this tooth and the one next to it capped.

The list of things to do isn't getting much shorter, but I have all next week to get things done.

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