Saturday, June 28, 2008

Around Lead South Dakota - Day 3

A Slow Day

Sherm left just after 6:00 this morning, planning to make the over 1,400 miles back to Coos Bay in two days. It was sad seeing him go since we have ridden together and shared rooms for over a week. Sherm is one of the best people we have ever traveled with. Rem and Evelyn beat him out on the road by a little bit, heading back to Kansas.

Since we will be leaving tomorrow for Vancouver, we decided we were going to do nothing today. I went to the restaurant with the computer but still in my pajamas. I had yet one more breakfast buffet, this time concentrating on the eggs and bacon with pancakes for desert. It has been impossible to cut back my eating here because there is so much food and it is so good. I did my blog and posted my bills and then updated the blog on-line via Jamey's laptop.

After breakfast, we read and hung out with whoever was not out somewhere. Then we took a nap, waking with a really sluggish feeling. Lunch with VSP in the restaurant cleared that up, with me restricting myself to a grilled cheese sandwich. Then VSP, Slammer and I watched the USGA Ladies Open on the big TV in the lodge. El Nomad, having returned from watching the Shriner's Circus parade in Deadwood with June, was obviously not as thrilled with the golf coverage as we were.

Golf wound up and we moved outside where the group around the picnic tables expanded as people got back from their rides. It had been cold and overcast all day here, but Clark and Rhonda said they got sunburned down by Custer.

The Aztec survivors retired to the dining room about 6:00 for our final dinner. The table consisted of Sandy, Trevor, Mike, Jamey, Melanie, Mary Lou, Slammer, Waterman, VSP and yours truly (behind the camera). Missing were Jill and her sister Dawn, who were reputedly shopping at Victoria's Secret in Rapid City. Supper was, as usual, just fine. Slammer even liked his steak.

Just as we got our orders in, a horde of people came through the front door and took up just about every chair remaining in the place. Trevor, being the gentleman he is, jumped right up and started helping pour water and ice tea.

After supper, we sat outside for a while and then moved in where it was warmer. Jill and Dawn got back from Rapid with their VS purchases which they showed us but did not model. At about 11:00, the last few of us still up turned in for the night.

Aztec - The Summary

Aztec was a first year rally, although it returned us to the Black Hill where the WWR was held two years ago. Attendance was light, but then established events including VROC at KSL and Boscobel were significantly down on attendees too. Things are afoot. That said, the Recreational Springs Resort, while rustic, was very bike friendly and had great food. We could have done very much worse. There were a minimum of organized activities and this suited me just fine as well since we were then free to pick and choose what we wanted to do. Lead, Deadwood and the area have roads and history aplenty to be explored.

It was good to hang with old friends, meet new people and get to better know some of those we have just met in passing other places. Sometimes the smaller gatherings allow this more easily than the bigger ones.

Thank you, Jamie and Melanie, for putting this together. We had a great time.

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