Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sudbury Ontario to Escanaba Michigan

Deja Vu All Over Again

If the title looks familiar, it's because we did this same run eleven days ago. This time, it's just the two of us and no trailer.

We got all the gear in the bike without too much trouble. Managed to hit the road at 8:30 AM (the lateness reflecting the short distance we need to cover). As it was the last time, the temperature fluctuated between 13C and 16C under overcast skies. No rain, though. Saw two deer on Highway 17, one right on the shoulder. I slowed right down until it left. Two sections of one-lane road near Spanish ensure that traffic should be screwed up for most of the summer. Beware.

We stopped in The Soo to see Mom. Anybody departing the KFC lot on Great Northern Road should watch out for the huge whole in the pavement. I almost lost a wheel in it.

The border crossing was easy. No backup, a couple of questions (I had to summarize when he asked where we were going) and we were on our way. Except that four customs booths were feeding one toll booth. The poor girl in the toll booth was doing a great job, though.

We took the same route across M-28, M-117 and US 2 to Escanaba where we are currently ensconced in the same Super 8 minus the old cars and all the kids. The spa did feel very good and we ordered in from Domino's.

Now for the big news of the day! Daughter Kim and husband Mike have given us the OK to let the world know that we are going to be grandparents sometime in mid-December. They had the first ultrasound this morning and all looks good.

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